fundraiser order form pic

The following is a brief description of our fundraising program:

  • We provide your organization a color order form (sample above) for each of your participants to use for recording their orders.
  • The fudge is made fresh for your sale and does have an extended shelf life (12 to 16 weeks).
  • It is cut in 8 oz slices just like on Mackinac Island, but individually wrapped, sealed and boxed.   May be frozen for later gift giving.
  • Our special fundraising program gives you wholesale pricing of $3.50/slice (pkg.) with free delivery.  Retail should be $7.00 to $7.50 per slice giving you 100% or 120% profit.
  • Your participants collect at sale.  Delivery is usually within a week and we ask for payment with the order.   We accept check, money order or credit card.  COD arrangements can be made.
  • A $3,000 to $5,000 fundraiser in 2 weeks is common.  There are fundraisers that have done over $10,000!  The results are completely up to you!

Samples are available upon request.

Please contact our shop directly with questions or for further information on our Fundraisers at:

Phone:  1-877-552-0581